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The Dynamics of Total Healing

Demand for information about a body, mind, and spirit approach to healing is marked these days—increasing numbers of people want to learn how to be pro-active in their own self-healing. We are becoming astute enough to realize that answers inherited from the wisdom of earlier ages and cultures may be exactly what can fill the gaps in our knowledge.

Caroline Sojourner draws on the spiritual psychology of the kabbalistic Tree of Life to offer a self-healing program to balance all aspects of our being. She states that “When illness takes us to areas of ourselves that we have previously feared to tread, we find that these areas can prove to be the deepest and richest territory of our humanity.” This book is useful both for those dealing with illness and adversity, and for those seeking to understand and actively engage with their own spirituality.

Total Healing to the Limits of Living: A Sourcebook for Awakening and Engaging the Healing Energies of the Tree of Life is packed with well-researched, usable information about healing practices from many traditions. These methods can bring the self-healer back to the “Path of Truth,” the point of balance between opposites and polarities of life. Understanding the ten faces of the Tree of Life offers a workable schema for achieving just that. The journey takes one from the most concrete needs of the physical body, through the emotional manifestations of psychological self, the higher spiritual self, and the divine self. Particular attention is given to “Beauty” and to the area known as “the Abyss,” where the most difficult and transforming challenges are to be met and integrated.

Total Healing has twelve chapters, an appendix and extensive bibliography. Each chapter contains suggestions for further reading on the subject of the chapter. Original artwork presents the Tree of Life in an entirely new concept, bringing a life-affirming, positive perspective to the subject of personal growth.